Christian Altfuldisch Christian Altfuldisch (Germany) is the head of ESI’s Berlin office and ESI’s website designer and manager. He also manages projects and conducts research for ESI. Christian Altfuldisch studied Political Sciences and International Law at Freie Universität Berlin and holds a Master in European Union studies from the Centre International de Formation Européenne. During his studies, he worked on several projects in the Balkans. For his diploma thesis, he examined the democratisation process in Bosnia. After graduation in 2002, Christian Altfuldisch lived in Sarajevo and Melbourne, Australia, working part-time for ESI and an international software company. He joined ESI in 2006.

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Alan Grant is an Irish photographer who travelled extensively in the Balkans and other countries and regions of the world. Thanks to him, ESI is able to show fascinating pictures of the Balkans: the facades of Tirana, the painted mosques of Travnik, the fabulous old houses of Plovdiv and the spectacular blue of water - dark in the Bay of Kotor, emerald in the river valleys of Bosnia, deep blue in Ohrid, twinkling in the Aegean Sea and on the Bosporus.

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Jonathan Lewis lives between London and Istanbul. He moved to London and spent many years studying photography and now specialises in photojournalism, documentary photography and commercial work for a wide variety of private and commercial clients in the UK, Europe and Turkey. His work has appeared in a number of magazines and publications and is used on the ESI website as well.

You can find out more about Jonathan Lewis on his website