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Srdjan Milic
Srdjan Milic

Srdjan Milic, has been the leader of the Socialists People's Party since 2006. He took over as party leader from Predrag Bulatovic, after the party's poor results in the 2006 parliamentary elections. He was their defeated candidate in the April 2008 Presidential elections when he came fourth.

Srdjan Milic is not a career politician - he has mostly worked outside politics. Since taking over the party leadership, he has shifted the party away from its post-communist roots to become a strong advocate of the EU integration process.

"In eight years I have gone from being a simple member to becoming the chairman of the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro. I therefore don't see politics as the essence of what I have achieved in my life."

He is opposed to the economic policies pursued by the government:

The gap between rich and poor is becoming ever more significant. It is a gap that is widening, partly as a result of the privatizations that were carried out in Montenegro. We argue that this process of privatisation was not transparent. It allowed certain individuals in the vicinity of Mr. Djukanovic to enrich themselves, to the extent that they are now very wealthy, even in comparison with rich people in Western Europe.

Srdjan Milic, the leader of Socialist People's Party has been one of Milo Djukanovic's strongest critics.

April 2008

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