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Podgorica centre of national politics

Montenegro's parliament - Copyright by Vijesti Montenegro's parliament - Copyright by Vijesti
Montenegro's parliament

Podgorica is also the political centre. Montenegro's political scene has for many years been dominated by two blocks: one block made up of Djukanovic's DPS, the Socialdemocratic Party and small ethnic Albanian parties, all pushing for independence; the other, unionist block of pro-Serbian parties led by the Socialist People's Party. The third, smaller force were Liberals arguing for independence, but strongly critical of government policies.

These blocks still exist, although politics has changed with independence. As Milka Tadic, a prominent journalist, puts it: "Now no one can blame Belgrade any more. We are finally responsible for ourselves".

In the parliament elected in 2006 only the Serb List says that it wants one day to renew joint statehood with Serbia. The Socialist People's Party, once the main force advocating union with Serbia, repositioned itself. Srdjan Milic, its new leader, is trying to give his party a more progressive image focused on the European Union.

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