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One year of EU-Turkey agreement – what now?
"Is the EU-Turkey deal at risk of collapsing" – Deutsche Welle interview (20 March 2017)
Viktor Orban (in this week's Economist)
ESI proposals on the refugee crisis
Refugees at Mytelene port
Yannis Boutaris
Yannis Boutaris – Mayor of Thessaloniki
Enlargement and the benefits of competition
Summer reading
10 years of ESI: The ESI story
15 years of ESI:
Latest media reaction:
Deutsche Welle, Victoria Vlasenko, "Скандал навколо президента ПАРЄ: від Аграмунта вимагають відставки" ("The scandal surrounding the President of PACE, demands for the resignation of Agramunt") (24 April 2017)
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