Partisans monument in Mitrovica. Photo: ESI
Partisans monument in Mitrovica. Photo: ESI

ESI discussion paper: Mitrovica: Kosovo's Litmus Test (28 April 2006)

ESI report: People or territory? A proposal for Mitrovica (16 February 2004)

RTK, Evening News (7:30pm) (ESI Analyst Verena Knaus on Kosovo State Television) On 26 April 2006 ESI Senior Analyst Verena Knaus gave an interview on recent ESI research on Kosovo and Mitrovica to Kosovo State Television (RTK). Watching this interview requires the free RealOne© Player which you can download here.

 RTK, Evening News (7:30pm), 26 April 2006

"Last week, Rexhepi and Oliver Ivanovic, a leader of the Mitrovica Serbs, jointly welcomed opening talks on a remarkable plan, also developed by the European Stability Initiative, that envisages the reunification of the city and the return of all refugees to their houses."

 Micha Glenny, IHT, 22 March 2004

"The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Bajram Rexhepi, supports ESI initiative for Mitrovica"

 Koha Ditore, 12 March 2004

"The Prime Minister encouraged all institutional leaders as well as the political leaders to consider seriously the ESI proposal."

 Zeri, 18 February 2004

Koha Ditore Cartoon, 20 February 2004