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On 24 April 2005, a group of men and women – many of whom were descendents of survivors –
marched onto the desert to commemorate the Armenian genocide. Photo: 7x77 project

"First, the Turkish Republic is to state that there was an 'Armenian Genocide' and to apologize for it. Second, the Turks are to pay reparations. Third, an Armenian state is to be created […]. Then they will demand the Turks give Erzurum and Van and Elazig and Sivas and Bitlis and Trabzon to Armenia."

Justin McCarthy

"Today, Armenian terror has completed its mission. We are aware that the second phase of the plan includes an apology and the next step will be demands for land and compensation."

Declaration of the Retired Ambassadors' Group Regarding the "Apology to Armenians" Campaign

The link between recognition and restitution is one of the red herrings in the genocide debate. International law makes it clear that there is no connection between genocide recognition (by Turkey and/or third countries) and restitution or compensation claims against the Turkish government.

The jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in the area of property restitution

August 2009

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