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Sighnaghi. Photo: ESI

This historical town, important for its proximity to the Bodbe Monastery, is surrounded by an 18th century fortress built to protect the area from Dagestani tribesmen.

The road from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi (located close to the border with Azerbaijan) cuts through eastern Georgia in an almost straight horizontal line. In the summer, food stands run by the local farmers line both sides of the street, ornamented with fruit, vegetables and rows upon rows of homemade 'churchkhela'. .

At a height of 790 meters above sea level, overlooking the Alzani valley, one of the most fertile grounds in Georgia, lies the old town of Sighnaghi. .

In the wake of the Russian embargo on Georgian food exports, especially wine, the grapes of the Kakheti region

October 2008

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