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Katarina Radic
Katarina Radic

I was born in Dedinje hospital but I live in Banovo Brdo with my mother and father, younger brother and grandmother. My mother is kindergarten teacher and my father is a professional translator.

Banovo Brdo is not in the centre of Belgrade but it is near Kosutnjak in the south west, so there are lots of places to walk and there is a swimming pool nearby and a hill to go sledging on when there is snow.

There is also the best cinema in the city here. I go often. I take the bus with my friends. I have got quite a lot of friends who live nearby. I go to the Ljuba Nenadovic school. It is ten minutes walk away. There are 38 kids in my class. Throughout my life classes have been this big. My father says that, in the centre of town, there are much less children so classes are smaller. My favourite subject is art.

I go to the centre of town with my mother every two weeks or so. We look at the shops. In our part of town, since I was young, lots of things have been built.

In 1999, during the bombing we moved beds into the room at the front of the house next to the kitchen, because it was closer to the basement if we had to go into it. The windows were taped up. I slept through the bombs though! There were cartoons on television all the time.

Five days after the bombing started it was my sixth birthday. Only kids from the neighbourhood came to my party so it was smaller than usual. They came in the morning, because, at the beginning, they did not bomb in the morning.

I have not been abroad. I have been to Montenegro but I am not sure if that counts?

When I am older I'd like to do something in translating, or maybe design.

Belgrade is a nice city. I especially like this part and going to Ada Ciganlija, which is an island on the Sava river. Everyone who does not go to the sea goes there. During my holidays I go to the swimming pool and I go to Pancevo, just outside Belgrade where my grandparents live. Sometimes we go on trips.

January 2007
Tim Judah

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