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Anatoly Chubais. Photo: FIRST Magazine

On 22 January 2006, in the midst of a cold winter, two nearly simultaneous explosions wrecked parts of the North Caucasus

Suggested readings

In October 2006, after the Russian economic embargo on Georgia, Bendukidze gave an interview to the Russian political online portal about the prospects for Georgian-Russian relations. For full article in Russian please see: Обмена политических взглядов на комфортную жизнь не будет."

On former Russian prime minister and current opposition politician Mikhail Kasyanov's book Without Putin ("Bez Putina") you can read a review in the New York Review of Books: Amy Knight, "Forever Putin" (February 2010)

Anatoly Chubais' concept of "Liberal Empire" as a new strategy for Russia is elaborated in his January 2003 article in Nezavisimaya Gazeta, entitled "Russia's Mission in the 21st Century." Chubais writes:

"I am deeply convinced that, in the visible historical perspective, Russia's ideology should become liberal imperialism, and Russia's mission

April 2010

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