29 May 2009
ESI in Skopje: conference on European integration
Street in Carsija (Bazaar) of Skopje
Street in Carsija (Bazaar) of Skopje. Photo: Alan Grant

ESI analyst Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere presented a paper on "Turkey-EU Relations in a Time of Economic Crisis" at a conference in Skopje, Macedonia. The one-day conference was organized by the University American College Skopje and this year entitled "Europe in Crisis: Threats and Opportunities".

The conference sought to explore the reasons for the current global crisis and its consequences for the future of European integration. The underlying assumption was that such a crisis poses threats to existing structures, values and achievements, but also opens opportunities for critical reassessment and improved solutions to exigent problems.

"Europe in Crisis: Threats and Opportunities"