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Albert Hischmann Eggert

Hirschmann in Bosnia

January 2002

Development economist Albert Hirschmann wrote in 1954 that successful development depends on:

"calling forth and enlisting for development purposes resources and abilities that are hidden, scattered, or badly utilised."

The first concrete example by ESI of using analytical tools to identify "what exists" through local case studies was published in early 2002: a socio-economic portrait of Kalesija, a small, rural municipality in Eastern Bosnia. The report noted:

"By carrying out an exhaustive study of a particular locality, it is possible to assemble a picture of the economic transition process and draw lessons which may be generalisable"

Eggert Hardten, a German, joined the ESI team for this research. He stayed on as ESI senior analyst, working in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey.

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