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Hydra Gerald/Misha Glenny


Summer 2002

In summer 2002, Alex Rondos, advisor to Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou, invited a small group Misha Glenny, a British author; Ivan Vejovda, advisor to Serbian prime minister Djindjic; US consultant Frances Abuzaid; and Gerald - to a brainstorming in his house on the island of Hydra.

Recently high-level EU officials had hinted that there would be no further EU enlargement after 2004. The objective of the meeting was to reflect how the forthcoming Greek EU presidency in 2003 could best advance the agenda of Balkan EU integration. What emerged was an agenda for a civil society campaign, led by Misha Glenny and ESI, in support of an ambitious effort by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

There followed an ESI report, presented at a conference in October 2002, which brought together key actors from across Europe. In early 2003, the Greek foreign ministry published its strategy for the Balkans. In January, Martti Ahtisaari and George Soros invited European officials to a brainstorming in Brussels on ESI's proposals. In spring, there was another Wilton Park conference in Oslo. The Hydra group also encouraged the countries of the region to press their case.

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