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Modern, stylish, elegant: ESI‘s website from autumn 2007

Modern, stylish, elegant: ESI's website from autumn 2007 reloaded

September 2007

When we founded ESI in 1999 it was clear that we would make use of new technologies and started our own website to present ourselves to the world and to disseminate our work. As so many other websites in the Internet's infancy, our website was simple.

We soon realized, however, that we needed to provide a better service to the growing number of our readers.  In 2002 we decided to overhaul our website which had until then simply consisted of individual HTML pages. Using innovative technologies, we turned it into a much more user-friendly modern website. Building on databases, dynamic page rendering and completely newly designed CSS style sheets we created a visually appealing and structurally coherent website.

By 2007, visual standards for websites and usability expectations had again evolved. Therefore we took the decision to completely redesign our website using a new color scheme, bigger fonts, as well as making better use of screen space, and much more use of pictures and multimedia elements such as video and audio clips. This comprehensive review and redesign was carried out completely in-house by our Berlin head of office and communications manager Christian Altfuldisch who oversaw the massive expansion of content on our website. The result was a website we were often congratulated on and which the Swiss quality daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung described as a "rich website [which] offers a wealth of attractively presented information". It also attracted a steadily growing number of visitors.

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