13 October 2009
ESI in Ljubljana: the importance of visa liberalisation for the young generation
Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: flickr/FromTheNorth
Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: flickr/FromTheNorth

Alexandra Stiglmayer presented ESI's visa project at a conference organised by the Swiss Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) in Ljubljana. For the past few years, DCAF has been inviting young professionals and students – the 'Young Faces' – from South Eastern Europe (this year from the Western Balkans only) to take part in a conference series on different issues related to security system reform. This year's conference was entitled 'Police Reform and Cooperation in the Western Balkans on the Path to EU Integration'.

Alexandra spoke in the session on visa liberalisation and called on the participants to inform their governments how important visa free travel is for the young generation and to tell them that their governments should lobby with EU member states and that the governments must work hard to meet all requirements of the EU Commission's roadmaps for visa free travel.