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28 January 2013
Kyiv – ESI presentation at public round table discussion on visa-free Europe
Kyiv. Photo: flickr/Dmitry Mokshin
Kyiv. Photo: flickr/Dmitry Mokshin

ESI's Gerald Knaus spoke on visa-free travel at a round table discussion organised by Europe without Barriers in Kyiv.

Promoting the idea of visa-free movement in Europe certainly lacks its appropriate advancement tools. Often advocacy activities are carried out in a spontaneous manner without proper prior planning and articulation of professional arguments. In the event the initiators discussed the ideological as well as technical content of the campaign on visa-free movement in Europe; how to strengthen "positive" argumentation in favor of visa abolishment; how to formulate alternative approaches for the "freedom of movement – public security" dilemma resolution in its economic, legal, ethical, cultural and political dimensions. In particular, these issues were discussed:

ESI's Balkan analysis is also widely disseminated through the Visa-free Europe Coalition of which ESI is also a member of. The Coalition brings together analysts and civil society in eastern Europe.

Full text of the Invitation

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