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Robert Schuman – Wolfgang Petritsch

Schuman in Bosnia


Throughout 2000, ESI argued for a shift in focus towards strengthening the central institutions of the Bosnian state. ESI produced background papers and made many presentations: at an OHR meeting chaired by Deputy High Representative Johnson in Sarajevo; at a meeting of international financial institutions in Brussels; at a World Bank retreat in Dubrovnik.

ESI lobbied for a focus on central institutions and functional integration:

"International funding during the last years has often had the unintended effect of consolidating the ethnically divided war economies. … Telecommunications and electricity, like coal and steel in the 1950s in Western Europe, are a natural starting point for functional integration of the Bosnian state."

ESI proposed "a three-stage vision for the constitutional development of the Bosnian state", where in the long term "a process of functional spillover occurs, whereby the functions of the state are extended into wider areas as part of a process of negotiation internal to Bosnia, within the context of closer ties to Europe."

In May 2000, the Brussels Peace Implementation Council (PIC) passed conclusions that supported this agenda and substantially strengthened the focus on state building.

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