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Bernard Crick – Gerald on Bosnian TV

Crick in Bosnia

January 2002

In January 2002, ESI published a paper on Bosnia under the title "In Search of Politics":

"There is a tendency to see politics in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina as a problem – an obstructive and corrupting influence to be minimised as far as possible."
"One can find this attitude among citizens disillusioned with the quality of representation offered by the narrow circle of political elites. One hears it among international officials frustrated with the slow pace of Bosnia's political process, and constantly tempted to bypass domestic institutions."

The paper drew on British political philosopher Bernard Crick and his "In Defense of Politics". It called for "a re-evaluation of the role of politics in Bosnia":

"In the political philosophy of ancient Greece and early modern Europe, the notion of 'politics' had a very specific usage. In contrast to absolute monarchy, tyranny or oligarchy, it referred to a style of governance in which different interests are articulated and resolved within a set of rules, in order to produce orderly government."
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