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Robin - Christian - Sandra


An organisation like ESI – with no single centre and members and analysts spread out across Europe – requires a strong administrative backbone to operate effectively.

ESI has had four heads of administration: Verena Knaus, who first set up the institution in Berlin; a second Austrian, Ulrike Grieshofer, a lawyer by training, who oversaw a period of rapid growth; Robin Gosejohann, who has managed continued institutional development, including setting up the Turkey office. In Berlin, Robin was supported by Siegfried Knaus dealing with finances. Since June 2007, Sandra Bien-Aime has been running ESI's Istanbul office from where she oversees project coordination and financial management.

A virtual organisation like ESI also depends crucially on its website to make its research available. Christian Altfuldisch, a German political scientist, first designed this website as an ESI intern in Berlin. After studying in Sarajevo and working in Australia, he returned to ESI to devote himself full-time to the further development of this website and our general outreach and research. He also heads ESI's Berlin office.

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