Bosnia's Political Economy – Background Documents

Resource Kit

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most studied countries in the world. Since the Dayton Agreement, a large volume of reports and analytical material has been produced by many different organisations, providing a potentially valuable pool of information for Bosnian governments and all those who seek to assist them.

However, the impact of all this research on the Bosnian policy process has been limited. Much of it is written in English, and has never been translated into the Bosnian languages. Material is often produced by international organisations for their own needs, and is not in general circulation. Even where documents are public, they can be very difficult to find.

As part of the Governance Assessment project, we have put together a Resource Kit of the most useful material that we have found until 2004 dealing with governance and public policy issues in Bosnia. Wherever possible, we have included copies in both English and the Bosnian languages. In some cases, where no Bosnian language version was available, we have translated executive summaries or extracts from the text.

The Resource Kit also includes a selection of material by Bosnian authors, including reports for international organisations, government documents and conference papers. However, our selection is limited to socio-economic issues, and represents only a small sample of the literature available in the Bosnian languages.