Public administration

Public administration

While there are many actors working on public administration reform in Bosnia, relatively little analytical material has been produced. A number of functional reviews initiated by the European Commission should be completed during 2004/5 – updates can be found at Delegation website .

In this section, you can find UNDP's Governance Perception Survey 2003, giving survey data on public attitudes to the administration. Sigma has produced a Report on the Review of Services of the Council of Ministers in November 2002. On municipal government, we have included a USAID Local Governance Assessment from November 2003 and a chapter on Local Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Charles Jokay from a book on local government in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Republika Srpska Government's Action Plan For Civil Service Reform 2003-2006, prepared with help of a DfID project, provides an example of the public administration reform programmes currently underway at different levels of government. We also include an article Brcko District: Experiment to Experience written by the former head of the District Management Team and the Chairman's Final Report from the Brcko Law Revision Commission.

We also include UNDP/IFES Citizens' Guides to the governments of BiH, the Federation and Republika Srpska. These guides provide a basic description and contact details for public institutions at different levels of government, and are a useful tool for all those who deal with government. They are also available for the ten Federation cantons, the District of Brcko and a wide selection of municipalities, and can be obtained from the UNDP Sarajevo office.

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This Resource Kit is also available in Bosnian/Croat/Serbian.