8 April 2004
ESI invited to Informal Ministerial Conference, Wicklow, Ireland

Gerald Knaus, ESI President, and John Bradley, Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, gave two complementary presentations at this special event. Gerald Knaus focussed on where the EU-Western Balkans relationship stands now, and what opportunities and challenges this creates for the Western Balkan states. John Bradley spoke about the Irish Experience and what small states can do to catch up.

The Conference was attended by the Europe Ministers of Member States and the then accession and candidate countries. What is more, the Ministers responsible for European Integration in the countries of the Western Balkans were invited as well – given the direct relevance and the good opportunity to meet with the Europe Ministers of the 25 EU states. The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) was represented by a delegation led by Harri Holkeri.