25 August 2005
Meeting with the Macedonian Government: The European Perspectives of the Balkan Region
Invited by the Macedonian Forum-Centre for Strategic Research and Documentation, ESI President Gerald Knaus participated in a two-day informal gathering and discussion with the Macedonian Prime Minister, Mr. Vlado Buckovski. The general topic of the meeting were "The European Perspectives of the Balkan Region".

The invitation was conveyed to a small and selected group of eminent intellectuals and researchers from the region, the EU and the USA, as well as to both Council and Cabinet representatives of the European Union. The Macedonian Government was represented by both President and Prime Minister, three of the Vice Prime Ministers and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence.

The event took place at the end of August at the government villas on Lake Ohrid. The programme included intensive discussions and tête-à-tête conversations with the Macedonian Prime Minister.