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Kosovo Law on Protection


In 1977 the Assembly of the Autonomous Socialist Province of Kosovo passed a 'Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments.'

The law stresses the importance of protecting cultural heritage. It makes clear that the primary responsibility lies with the Institute for the Protection of Monuments (article 4). The Institute is to 'take measures for the protection of cultural monuments', including maintaining a registry (article 27). The law notes that for any action concerning cultural monuments or their immediate surrrounding permission from the Institute is required (article 11).

There are clearly defined sanctions included in the law. Article 32 notes that 'the Institute will be abolished if it does not implement the activities for which it is established'. Article 97 states that 'anyone who damages or destroys a cultural monument is going to be punished with a penalty or one year in prison.'

The 1977 law is not discriminatory. It is not a law from the Milosevic era. No new law on the protection of cultural heritage has been passed until now to replace it. This means that for the last six years this was and remains the applicable legislation.

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