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What the polls tells us

Which factors shape the image of Turkey in Austria a lot (red), a little (green), not at all (blue)?
Economic dynamism - PKK terror - tourism- demography - TR as mediator - Cyprus - 1683 siege

Sceptical attitudes are pervasive across the Austrian population, whether one looks at students, managers, pensioners or housewives.

Attitudes towards Turkey's EU accession by profession: in favour (red), against (yellow)

Students - managers - white collar - retired - manual worker - housewives - unemployed - self-employed

A detailed analysis of existing polls also shows that many of the arguments used elsewhere to bolster support for Turkish accession do not convince most Austrians. Only 20 percent of Austrians believe that Turkey's EU accession "would strengthen security in that region". Only 24 percent of Austrians believe that having Turkey in the EU would foster mutual comprehension between European and Muslim values. Nearly two thirds do not believe that high economic growth in Turkey helps the EU, or that a Muslim Turkish democracy would help the EU in its dealings with the Muslim world.

According to you, is a Turkey with constant high economic growth a positive factor for the economic development of the EU?

                                            Yes       it makes no difference          no, rather a burden

Does Turkey, as the only real democracy in the Muslim world, help EU policy towards the Muslim world?

                                            yes           makes no difference              it would be a burden

Turkey is undertaking reforms in the areas of the economy and civic rights.

Are these reforms fast enough?

                                    yes                        I do not know                      no

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A referendum on the unknown Turk? Anatomy of an Austrian debate

  1. Prologue: The Austrian Referendum on Turkey in 2015
  2. Introduction
  3. The Austrian paradox
  4. Looking back: debating Central European enlargement
  5. Austria and the accession of Bulgaria
  6. Austria and the Western Balkans
  7. The Austrian debate on Turkey - pre-2004
  8. What the polls tells us
  9. A Catholic bulwark against Islam?
  10. The unknown Turk
  11. At the gates of Vienna?

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