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Tiny Kox (Netherlands)

Tiny Kox

"In this Assembly, it is our duty to stand firm on the protection of the political rights of all the citizens of our member states and against brutal violations of those rights, such as arresting, convicting and imprisoning political opponents. It happens throughout Europe, we know it, and we should do something about it.

"I thank Mr Strässer for all the work he has done, but my group is not convinced that his report and resolution are a solution to the problem.

"We all know that history shows that the adoption of the report will not lead governments to release political prisoners.

"The European Court of Human Rights is the final legal authority. Also in paragraph 4 we have no definition of terrorism.

"This resolution and report are not yet ready for a final decision by this Chamber. So on behalf of my group I propose that the Assembly refers the report and the resolution back to the committee.

"This is not a matter on which we can go 50:50, as it should have the broad support of the whole Assembly."

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Showdown in Strasbourg. The Political Prisoner Debate

  1. Setting
  2. Background to the Showdown in Strasbourg
  3. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  4. Pietro Marcenario (Italy)
  5. Mailis Reps (Estonia)
  6. Elena Nikolayeva (Russia)
  7. Tiny Kox (Netherlands)
  8. Mevlut Cavusoglu (Turkey)
  9. Marina Schuster (Germany)
  10. Viola von Cramon-Taubadel (Germany)
  11. Andres Herkel (Estonia)
  12. Mike Hancock (UK)
  13. Leonid Slutsky (Russia)
  14. Serhiy Sobolev (Ukraine)
  15. Tadeusz Iwinski (Poland)
  16. Lise Christoffersen (Norway)
  17. Pedro Agramunt (Spain)
  18. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  19. Mailis Reps (Estonia)
  20. Agustin Conde Bajen (Spain)
  21. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  22. Who voted with Azerbaijan?
  23. Which countries voted with Azerbaijan?
  24. Who voted with Christoph Straesser?
  25. Which countries voted with Straesser?
  26. Original sources and background documents

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