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Ralph Giordano
Ralph Giordano

"I consider the planned construction [of the mosque in Koln-Ehrenfeld] as deeply hostile to integration…. Together with critical Muslims I have brought into discussion a problem which cowardly politicians have suppressed …. "

(Focus Online, 29 August 2008)

Ralph Giordano, born in 1923, is a well known German writer who argues strongly that the integration of German Muslims has failed. This, he explains, is due to the very nature of Islam. It would therefore be inappropriate for Germans to allow the construction of too many mosques.

In an open letter published in August 2007 Giordano wrote about the "Fata Morgana of a reconcilability of the two cultures" (i.e. Western culture and Islam). In 2007 he emerged as one of the leading voices fighting the construction of the future central mosque of DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union of the Office for Religious Affairs) in Cologne. He is one of the founders of the "Critical Islam Conference", which held a first congress in May 2008.

The city of Cologne is home to a about 64,000 Turks. The previous main mosque could only hold up to 600 worshippers. The plans for the whole mosque foresee space for more than 2,000 people.

Design of new Cologne mosque

Giordano regards the mosque as a symbol of "a creeping Islamisation" of the country. In an open letter to DITIB he argued:

"The problem is not the mosque, it is Islam. The essential question is: is Islam compatible with democracy, human rights, pluralism, enlightenment and the critical method? … I read the Koran and was left speechless. … I am wondering how anybody for whom the Koran

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November 2010

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