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Claus Leggewie
Claus Leggewie

"For the German Turks it is finally clear: they will stay here. They are no second-class 'alien fellow-citizens' anymore. They ask for equal political rights, social integration and cultural autonomy. Islam, to which most of them belong, has become the second European religion."       

(Claus Leggewie, "Deutsche Turken, Turk Almanlar," p.131)

If there is one German intellectual who is associated with a principled defence of multi-culturalism, it is Claus Leggewie. Born in 1950, Leggewie wrote his PhD on French colonial policies in Algeria under the guidance of Bassam Tibi. Although others

Suggested readings

The two most important texts authored by Leggewie are in German only:

Other publications:

Essays and Articles in English:

  • Claus Leggewie, Transnational Citizenship, Cultural Concerns, in: International Encyclopaedia of the Social & Behavioural Sciences 2003, pp. 15857-15862
  • Claus Leggewie, How Turks Became Kurds, Not Germans, in: Dissent, Vol. 43 (1996), No. 3 (Summer 1996).

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