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Amberin Zaman (Economist and Haberturk)

Amberin Zaman has been writing on Turkey-Armenia relations and the Armenian minority in Turkey for many years. She has also lived in Yerevan

For her articles in Haberturk: www.haberturk.com/htyazarlar/index/0

"Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation: Lots of Gloom but Not All Doom", March 16, 2010

E-mail: azaman@htgazete.com.tr


Yavuz Baydar (Sabah and Today's Zaman)

Baydar has been writing on Turkey-Armenia relations for many years. He has visited Armenia numerous times and participated in Turkish-Armenian exchange programmes for journalists. He also hosts a TV show on atv.

"Sarksyan and Erdogan: What to do now?" (12 April 2010)

E-mail: y.baydar@todayszaman.com



Etyen Mahcupyan (Taraf, Agos, Today's Zaman)

Etyen Mahcupyan, an academic and journalist, is one of the most prominent Turkish Armenians. He belongs to the small group of Catholic Armenians. Mahcupyan has been a columnist since 1997 when he started to write for Radikal. Since 2001 he also writes for Zaman. After the assassination of Hrant Dink he became the editor-in-chief of Agos in February 2007. He also writes a column for Taraf.

Articles in Taraf: www.taraf.com.tr/etyen-mahcupyan/

"The Armenian issue in the election year" (26 March 2010)

Mahcupyan is the author of several books. In 2005 he published the autobiographical book "The Other within Us" (Icimizdeki Öteki).

E-mail: emahcupyan@gmail.com

Markar Esayan (Taraf)

Esayan wrote for Agos from 1997 until 2008 when he became a columnist with Taraf. Esayan is also the author of two books. His most recent, "Encounter" (Karsilasma), a book about the memory of 1915, was published in 2007.

Esayan also participates in numerous Turkey-Armenia projects and events. On 19 November 2009 he wrote about a Yerevan workshop on rapprochement: Türkiye-Ermenistan iliskileri ve Udi Yervant ("Turkey Armenia relations and Udi Yervant"),

Esayan's articles for Taraf: www.taraf.com.tr/markar-esayan/



Aris Nalci (Agos)

Aris Nalci got his start at Agos 13 years ago, still as a university student. He is currently an editor and a columnist. Nalci participated in several Turkish-Armenian journalist exchange projects.




Cengiz Candar (Radikal)

Cengiz Candar is a veteran Turkish journalist. Since 1976 he has worked for several newspapers and agencies. He is currently a columnist for Radikal; his articles are also published in Hurriyet and Referans. Candar has been to Armenia several times and closely follows Turkey-Armenia relations.

August 2010

 Zurück Journalists regularily writing on Turkey-Armenia relations - Weiter 
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