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At the Macedonian-Serbian border. Photo: flickr/engerundio
At the Macedonian-Serbian border. Photo: flickr/engerundio

On 15 July 2009, the European Commission submitted its proposal on visa-free travel for citizens of Western Balkans countries. In short, it proposed:

The next step in the legislative procedure was for the European Parliament to issue a non-binding opinion on the Commission proposal, which it did on 12 November 2009. After that, the Council – in its formation as Justice and Home Affairs Council comprising EU interior and justice ministers – could take the official vote.  The JHA Council approved the Commission proposal at its meeting on 30 November 2009.

Commission proposal on visa-free travel (15 July 2009)

Balkan Insight, Gerald Knaus and Alexandra Stiglmayer, "Winners, Losers and the Future of the Balkan Ghetto" (16 July 2009) Also available in German: "Gewinner, Verlierer und die Zukunft des Visaghettos 'Balkan'".

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