ESI aims to contribute to a more informed and objective debate regarding the impact of Turkey on the future of the EU. To share new and interesting studies on related topics, this page is updated regularly.


International Crisis Group: Turkey and Europe: The Way Ahead

August 2007

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Bank Austria Creditanstalt: Competitiveness Report Turkey

April 2007

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A. Lejour and R. de Mooij - CESifo Working Paper No. 1183: Turkish Delight: Does Turkey's Accession to the EU Bring Economic Benefits?

February 2005

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UNDP - Human Development Report Turkey 2004


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Wageningen University: Turkey in the European Union: Consequences for Agriculture, Food, Rural Areas and Structural Policy

1 December 2004

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Ali Çarkoglu - Popular bases of support and resistance to EU membership in Turkey

16 October 2004

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European Policy Centre (EPC) - Issue Paper 16: Turkey - Ready for the EU?

28 September 2004

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Independent Commission on Turkey  

Independent Commission on Turkey - Turkey in Europe: More than a Promise?

6 September 2004

This report is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish on the Commission's website

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Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) & Ekonomi ve Dış Politika Forumu (EDP) - The European Transformation of Modern Turkey

September 2004

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Turkish Enlargement Business Council (TEBC) - Turkey: A New Corporate World For Europe

July 2004

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Republic of Turkey  

Republic Of Turkey - Preliminary National Development Plan (2004 - 2006)

December 2003

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Options mediterraneennes  

Cakmak E.H. - Evaluation of the past and future agricultural policies in Turkey: Are they capable to achieve sustainability?, in Jacquet F. (ed.), Lerin F. (ed.): Libre-échange, agriculture et environnement: L'Euro-Méditerranée et le développement rural durable: état des lieux et perspectives, p. 155-165

May 2002

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Republic of Turkey  

Republic Of Turkey - Pre-Accession Economic Programme

October 2001

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