Erik Pierre Erik Pierre (Sweden) was the first chairman of ESI's senior advisory board. During a distinguished career in the Swedish diplomatic service, Erik served in Afghanistan, China, Washington D.C. and the Balkans. As Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1994 to the end of 1996, and at the same time accredited to Macedonia, he was intimately involved in South Eastern European affairs and the development of international responses to the crises in former Yugoslavia. Later he ran the Stockholm Region's Office to the European Union in Brussels. Now he lives as a writer and author in Sweden. His most recent book is "25 hemligheter: Iraks roll i amerikansk och fransk politik 1970-2005" (25 Secrets: Iraq's role in American and French politics 1970-2005). He has also written four longer essays on China's entry into the Korean War and the role of the 38th parallel in Korean politics.

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Erik Pierre
Erik Pierre. Photo: Jonathan Lewis