Dejan Anastasijevic Dejan Anastasijevic (Serbia) is an award-winning investigative journalist from Serbia. He currently lives and works in Brussels, writing for the Serbian weekly Vreme, the American Time Magazine and several other European and American newspapers. Dejan covered all the conflicts in former Yugoslavia. His 1998 reports about atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo led to criminal charges by Milosevic's regime for "spreading disinformation and aiding terrorists". In April 1999, Dejan had to escape to Vienna with his family due to threats against his life. He moved back to Belgrade in August 2002, in time to cover Milosevic's downfall and subsequent transfer to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. In October 2002, Dejan was the first Serbian journalist to testify against Milosevic. In recent years, Dejan's work focused on security issues and organised crime in Serbia. In April 2007, he and his family luckily survived a hand grenade attack by unknown perpetrators. Dejan has edited "Out of Time" (IWPR, London, 2000), an acclaimed book on the Serbian opposition. He is a recipient of 2002 Nieman Fellowship for Journalists at Harvard University, Cambridge, two national press awards (NUNS and Dusan Bogavac) as well as the 2008 Oxfam Novib/PEN Award for achievements in human rights and the freedom of speech.

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