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3 November 2009
ESI in Berlin: "Back to Europe. But how?" Public discussion on the European visa policy
Erich Rathfelder, Caroline Fetscher, Eldar Sarajlic, and Alexandra Stiglmayer
Erich Rathfelder, Caroline Fetscher, Eldar Sarajlic, and Alexandra Stiglmayer

ESI Senior Analyst Alexandra Stiglmayer has presented the Schengen White List Project and discussed the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina at an event organized by the Böll Foundation in Berlin.

Alexandra said that it is almost certain that Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia will be granted visa-free travel, when the Council takes its official vote on 30 November. She added that there is also pressure to offer visa-free travel to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina as early as possible next year if the two countries meet the conditions.

However, it will be important to continue to monitor the developments related to Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo next year. Albania and Bosnia have yet to achieve the remaining benchmarks, and there must be control whether the EU institutions really work fast to abolish the visa requirement for them. It will also be important to watch over the continued implementation of the visa roadmap conditions in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The discussion was moderated by Caroline Fetscher, journalist and author, other discussants included Eldar Sarajlic, political scientist from Sarajevo, and Erich Rathfelder, journalist.

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