9 May 2013
Budapest – ESI career event at the Central European University
ESI staff retreat on the island of Büyükada, Turkey (March 2013). Photo: ESI
ESI staff retreat on the island of Büyükada, Turkey (March 2013). Photo: ESI

The CEU School of Public Policy and the European Stability Initiative are pleased to invite you to

a brown-bag lunch and career event

Thinking of making a career as a policy analyst?
Learn about the ESI experience and potential career opportunities


Gerald Knaus, European Stability Initiative, Chairman

9 May 2013, 12.45-13.30

CEU auditorium

CEU School of Public Policy
Nador u. 9, 1051 Budapest, Hungary


In summer 1999 a group of friends gathered in Sarajevo and decided to set up a new institution to analyse international policy in the Balkans. Thus ESI was born. In the beginning, ESI did not have money; it was not even an "institution" in any formal sense. Then the first reports quickly attracted attention. The Financial Times, The Economist, Die Welt, wrote about ESI as a "think tank changing thinking on the Balkans". A year later, the US government and governments across Europe - Sweden, Germany, they UK, Greece - started to invite ESI to provide input to their internal policy debates. 14 years later, ESI has a staff of around 20, and works across the whole Balkans, the Caucasus, and Turkey.

ESI chairman Gerald Knaus will share his personal story on how to start a think-tank and advise on career opportunities for CEU students, including as ESI junior fellows.


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