14 March 2015
Budapest – CEU Passion Project with ESI tackles Azerbaijan
Saman Sardar, Alexandra and Nataliya Novakova. Photo: ESI
Saman Sardar, Alexandra and Nataliya Novakova. Photo: ESI

ESI Senior Analyst Alexandra Stiglmayer participated in a workshop on the "Passion Project" that ESI is conducting with the School of Public Policy of the Central European University.  As part of this project, two SPP students work with ESI to raise awareness of political prisoners in Azerbaijan and push policymakers to take action. Alexandra discussed with the students – Nataliya Novakova from Ukraine and Saman Sardar from Pakistan – the work ahead.

The CEU School of Public Policy organises Passion Projects between its students and NGOs, government organisations and policy-oriented companies. Over the course of a two-year programme for a Master of Public Administration, small teams of students work with a client on a project. This provides the students with a real-life learning experience and is part of their curriculum.