17 May 2016
ESI on German, Austrian, and Dutch TV on the refugee crisis and visa-free travel for Turkey
Interview with Gerald Knaus on Nieuwsuur (11 May 2016)

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to present ESI's research and analysis in TV interviews and debates in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Gerald argued that denying visa free travel to Turks will not improve human rights in Turkey, and to threaten to do so will not make Ankara budge on issues like the anti-terror law. That law – but even more the state of the judiciary and prosecution and overall political justice targeting "enemies of the state" – is incompatible with the Copenhagen criteria. But this will not change in a few weeks or months. It requires a broad reform movement and committed leaders.

Nor will the situation of refugees in Turkey or Greece improve if the EU-Turkey deal collapses. And a collapse without a plan B is what would happen if visa free travel is not offered.