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13 December 2017
Berlin – ESI discussing Europe's challenges
Photo: Erste Foundation/IWM
Photo: Erste Foundation/IWM

ESI's Gerald Knaus and Kristof Bender participated in a workshop on Europe's challenges, organised by the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) on 13 December in Berlin. As preparation of a larger project on "Europe's Futures" supported by ERSTE Foundation, the debate focused on which concrete goals are achievable for thinktanks in three key areas: 

Internal challenges (Europe & its institutions): the undermining of democratic structures and basic human rights in some member states; democratic deficits; the weakness of mechanisms to enforce basic red lines across the EU; a widening gap in trust and understanding among EU members. 

External challenges (Europe & the world): the EU policy on borders, migration and asylum; the EU policy towards stability and development in South East Europe and the future of EU enlargement. 

Visionary challenges (Europe & its promises): inequality; lacking cohesion; clashing values and identities (East-West divide); the lack of credibility of some current "grand European narrative".

Photo: Erste Foundation/IWM
Photo: Erste Foundation/IWM

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