Mbretit Mosque (Sultan Mehmet II al- Fatih Mosque)

Mbretit Mosque (Sultan Mehmet II al- Fatih Mosque, listed since 1953)

This mosque was built in 1460-1461, only eight years after the fall of Constantinople, by Sultan Mehmet II al-Fatih - the Conqueror. Located right in the heart of the old town center, it is Prishtina's largest and most prominent mosque. Its cupola was once the biggest in the region. The square in front of Mbretit Mosque has always been a popular meeting point. In 1682-83, the mosque was restored under the reign of Sultan Mehmet IV, the minaret was repaired again following an earthquake in 1955. The mosque is suffering from deterioration and unprofessional restoration works; bad infrastructure in the area is causing dampness in the walls and deterioration of the stones.

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