Economic strategies

Economic strategies

Various economic strategy documents have been produced by Bosnian governments, international organisations or a combination of the two. They range from the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) – a large undertaking involving several layers of government, to local area development plans prepared by municipalities. Here is a small selection available in electronic form.

The Federation's Makroekonomska Vizija of July 2001 was the principal policy platform of the former Alliance coalition government. We also include two strategy documents produced by the government of Republika Srpska. These documents are available only in the original languages. We have included a local development plan for Mostar prepared by Care's QIF programme, as an example of a number of similar documents prepared at the local level with international support. The document Jobs and Justice – Our Agenda was prepared by OHR and then presented by the various BiH governments to the Peace Implementation Council following the October 2002 elections.

The PRSP represents a new kind of initiative – the first attempt to build a comprehensive, intergovernmental policy framework, led by a Co-ordination Office attached to the state-level Council of Ministers. Preparing a PRSP is a condition for obtaining concessional lending from the World Bank and IMF. The PRSP was prepared through an extensive consultation process, both between different governments and with interest groups, and finalised in March 2004. Here, we have included the full text in English and the executive summary in Bosnian. The full text in Bosnian is available at the PRSP website.

  1. BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Relations: Strategy of Foreign Trade Policy and Support to Exports, October 2003
  2. BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations - Office of the Coordinator for PRSP: BiH Medium-Term Development Strategy (PRSP) (2004-2007)
  3. BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations - Office of the Coordinator for PRSP: BiH Medium-Term Development Strategy (PRSP) (2004-2007)
    I.5. Executive Summary
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina: NEAP - National Environmental Action Plan BiH, March 2003
  5. CARE International: EU/QIF (European Union / Quick Impact Facility) Project: Selection of documents
    Economic development of Mostar
  6. Government of the Federation of B-H: Makroekonomska vizija razvoja Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine, July 2001
  7. Government of the Republika Srpska: Analiza stanja i prijedlog programa razvoja male privrede u RS
  8. Government of the Republika Srpska, Ministry of industry and technology: Strategija industrijske politike Republike Srbske, Sept. 2000
  9. Office of the High Representative (OHR): Jobs and Justice, Our Agenda

This Resource Kit is also available in Bosnian/Croat/Serbian.

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