10 June 2004
The New South East Europe ESI/Wilton Park Conference in Dubrovnik

Hosted by the Ministry of European Integration of Croatia and the the City of Dubrovnik, the conference was made possible with the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK) and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Group picture of 749th Wilton Park Conference in Dubrovnik

The conference brought together policy and decision makers both of the IC and the region, and focussed on the most pressing questions: What will it take for the whole of South East Europe to catch up with the new enlarged European Union of 25 countries? How have Bulgaria and Romania managed to transform their relationship with the European Union from isolation to integration? What will be the impact of the December European Council decision on negotiations with Turkey? How will the recent applications of Croatia and Macedonia change the European Union's relations with the region? How do the other countries of the region avoid the risk of being left on the margins of the new and integrated Europe? Are all the necessary domestic and European Union policy instruments in place to ensure that all of the South East European states are catching up? Is the danger of a return to conflict and instability really over? How do we make the New South East Europe a lasting reality?

Please click here to view the entire conference programme and a group picture. Individual pictures of most participants will be online soon.