12 April 2011
ESI at the Guardian debate on Afghanistan: What Makes a Nation?
Minna Jarvenpaa (second from right). Photo: Benedict Johnson
Minna Jarvenpaa (second from right). Photo: Benedict Johnson

On Tuesday 12 April, ESI Senior Analyst Minna Jarvenpaa spoke at the British Museum/Guardian public forum on "Afghanistan: What Makes a Nation?". The debate, which drew an audience of 320 people, was chaired by news presenter Jon Snow and introduced by the director of the British Museum Neil MacGregor. It was part of a series of events linked with the British Museum's exhibition "Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World".

In her remarks, Minna discussed the way in which Afghans view the foreign troop presence, the failings of the current counter-insurgency strategy and the way money spent in Afghanistan is fuelling corruption and conflict, and brutalising Afghan society.

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    • Main remarks from 20:16 - 26:54
    • Answer to a statement from the audience: 58:39 - 1:03:12
    • Answer to another statement from the audience: 1:20:19 - 1:22:57