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11 January 2013
London – ESI at Chatham House in London. Azerbaijan: External Relations, Internal Realities
Chatham House. Photo: flickr/BBC Radio 4
Chatham House. Photo: flickr/BBC Radio 4

ESI's Gerald Knaus will speak at an event on "Azerbaijan: External Relations, Internal Realities" at Chatham House in London. This event is to explore the likely developments in Azerbaijan's domestic and foreign policies in the short to medium term. With Azerbaijan's economic growth slowing down after the peak in oil production in 2010, steering the country's economic development through the next decade is likely to pose new challenges for the regime. At the same time, Baku has engendered increased international concerns about the domestic political scene by intensifying its harrassment of opposition activists and further tightening control over the media. 

This event is by invitation only. For more information please contact Lubica Pollakova

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11 January 2013, 16:43