27 November 2015
Belgrade ESI presents its proposal for Syrian refugee crisis to SEE parliamentarians
Old Sava Bridge, Belgrade. Photo: flickr/Jeff Attaway
Old Sava Bridge, Belgrade. Photo: flickr/Jeff Attaway

ESI analyst Adnan Cerimagic spoke at a conference on "Migration Management, Refugee Protection and the Fight against Organized Crime National Responses and Regional Cooperation" organized by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (DCAF) in Belgrade. Adnan presented ESI's proposal on how to manage the Syrian refugee crisis on the first panel with the title: "Migration challenges in the Western Balkans – Overview of global and regional trends and possible policy responses".

The conference was attended by members of the national parliaments of Albania, Bosnia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Slovenia and Serbia.

ESI: "The Merkel Plan – A proposal for the Syrian refugee crisis"