Key Documents

  1. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Vocational Division A Strategy For Vocational Training: Supporting The Unemployed And Job-Seekers In Kosovo
    February 2002
  2. Banking and Payments Authority BPK Annual Report 2003
    March 2004
  3. Government of Kosovo Budget 2004
    June 2004
  4. EU Pillar PISG Energy Office Energy Strategy and Policy of Kosovo, White Paper
  5. Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Environmental Strategy and Sustainable Development for Kosovo
    March 2003
  6. Ministry of Finance and Economy, Fiscal Reporting Unit Final Budget Reconciliation Report 2003
  7. European Commission, DG Relex FRY Country Strategy Paper 2002-2006
  8. IMF IMF Staff Visit to Kosovo March 10-19, 2004, Aide Memoire
    April 2004
  9. EU Pillar PISG Energy Office Investment Plan, White Paper
  10. Irish Government Ireland National Development Plan 2000-2006
    November 1999
  11. Ministry of Finance and Economy, Macroeconomic Unit Kosovo Economy in 2002
    May 2003
  12. World Bank, Human Development Unit Kosovo Labour Market Study: Policy Challenges of Formal and Informal Employment
    June 2003
  13. Worldbank, Poverty and Human Resources Development Research Group Kosovo Living Standards Measurement Study Survey, 2000
    October 2001
  14. EU Pillar of UNMIK, Political and Legal Affairs Office Kosovo Outlook 2004
    May 2004
  15. Kosovo Trust Agency, Privatisation Department Kosovo Privatisation Strategy
    April 2004
  16. Kosovo Trust Agency KTA Sectoral Analysis
    March 2003
  17. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Department of Labour and Employment Labour and Employment Annual Report 2003
  18. Employment and Skills Observatory of Kosovo Mainstreaming with Europe: an adult learning strategy for Kosovo (2005-2015)
    April 2004
  19. Ministry for Forestry, Agriculture and Rural Development, (MAFRD) Measures to improve fiscal and trade policies in Kosovo agriculture, Working Paper
    February 2004
  20. Macroeconomic Policy Department Monthly Macroeconomic Monitor, April 2004
    April 2004
  21. Ministry of Forestry, Agriculture and Rural Development Overall Policy for the Agricultural Sector
    November 2003
  22. Ministry of Forestry, Agriculture and Rural Development Priorities for Rural Development in Kosovo
  23. CARDS Assistance Programme to the Western Balkans, European Commission, DG Relex Regional Strategy Paper 2002-2006
  24. UNMIK-PISG Standards for Kosovo
    December 2003
  25. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Strategic Plan for Development of Education in Kosova (2002-2007)
    January 2003