Minna Järvenpää Minna Järvenpää (Finland) is one of ESI's founding members and works on a project on international interventions and statebuilding. Minna has in the past held senior positions with the United Nations, most recently in Kabul, Afghanistan, as the Head of Analysis and Planning in the UNAMA mission. Before joining the UN in Afghanistan, she worked as the Head of Lessons Learning for the British Government's Stabilisation Unit, and as Senior Advisor to Nobel Peace laureate Martti Ahtisaari, supporting his work in Northern Ireland and throughout the Balkans. Altogether, Minna was involved in the Balkans â Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia - for nine years. During this period she was the UN municipal administrator in the divided town of Mitrovica in Kosovo, championed minority returns in Bosnia, and worked as ESI senior analyst in Serbia. Minna holds degrees in international relations from the London School of Economics and in Slavic languages from Harvard University. She is an associate of the Centre for International Studies at Oxford University.

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Minna Järvenpää