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Tijana Kotorac
Tijana Kotorac

Tijana Kotorac is organiser of the Day of Sirun, the annual Fisherman's Festival held each September in the coastal town of Budva; when, a thousand kilos of fish, and wine and beer are provided for free as part of the festivities.

"The stories that are sometimes told about Montenegro, but also about other regions in former Yugoslavia, about the whole Balkans, are a challenge. Perhaps one should even stir up these perceptions and emphasize that this is truly the Balkans. That we are interesting on the one hand as a result of our traditions, but that we are on the other hand a modern people who think with the times, especially in the last decades.

Everyone who comes to Montenegro with prejudices, leaves with a completely different perception and a different image from the one they had before their visit."

Tijana is also a manager at the Budva Riviera resort at Sveti Stefan. It is still unusual for a woman to be in a senior job like this in Montenegro.

"As far as my relationship with my husband, my daughter and my family is concerned, you should know that there is a constant fight within the Montenegrin family concerning the emancipation of women. This is also true in my case, even if it may not appear like that and I may seem emancipated."

April 2008

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