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Zoran Markovic und Goran Vujovic (Book of Knjige)
Zoran Markovic and Goran Vujovic (Book of Knjige)

Zoran Markovic and Goran Vujovic are members of the satirical group and rock band, the Book of Knjige - literally "Book of Books," one of the best known organisations in the country. They often appear on radio and TV shows in Montenegro gently puncturing pompous personalities in Montenegro, and ridiculing attempts to exaggerate its history. They are based in Cetinje, which was the ancient capital of Montenegro.

Here is their take on Montenegro's move towards Europe;

"Good day! This is the organisation "the book of Knjige", (the book of books) from here in Cetinje, from Montenegro, currently one of the most famous organizations in Europe. Uuuuu!!! (Blows through the pipe). If you haven't heard of us, you've made a big mistake. We engage in a particular type of humour, which almost no one can relate to and nobody understands us. But we don't care! We're doing what we love!

We are from here, from Cetinje, in the heart of Montenegro, our proud, dear, wonderful country! We welcome Europe and hurry towards it. On foot, to be honest, but one day we'll get there! Though I don't know what we're going to do when we get there, because in Europe there is also great sorrow for people; in Europe one also lives badly. They work 100 hours a day and only sleep two hours, which isn't very much for a person who likes a good lie-in, you know!"

"And what you see now, not these ruins, I mean Cetinje. Our town Cetinje is the heart of the Montenegrin nation and identity. In the same way that the English have their 1000-year tradition we in Cetinje have our 3000-year tradition. In the same way that the English are proud of Beckham and Victoria Beckham and the Americans are proud of Paris Hilton, we are also proud of our virtues and achievements. For example "the books of knjige". This is the new identity that we have built up. For this reason I welcome all the activities of the organisation "the books of knjige", which I am a member of. The state and Europe should also support the organisation financially so that we can also reach the sunny side of life. I too, am a living person and I also want to drive a Mercedes. And a Lamborghini!"

"And you Europeans should stop a moment, reflect, sit down at home and think to yourselves: Where has life taken me? I spend 10 hours a day in a factory or at work where the bosses make fun of me, come home exhausted, sleep, and the next morning it all starts again. And all this, so that I can drink like a pig on Saturday night, only for nothing to happen. Again.

We don't lead a normal life. Come let us form an alliance, we two and you ten. Now that we are so strong, we will topple the rulers of Europe. We would be prepared to finance this. Europe is a big dildo. Come to Montenegro by the sea. We invite you. We'll all bathe in the sea together, naked on the beach. It's great when you undress completely and walk into the sea. Everything is… …you don't give a damn about anything. That's an expression!

That's an expression. Don't say that, they'll think we've gone mad!"

April 2008

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