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Miki Bulatovic
Miki Bulatovic

Miki, and his father, Branko Bulatovic live from mountain tourism with their tourist camp, set in the valley of the Tara River just below Mount Kolashin. They offer visitors a taste of Montenegro's traditional mountain hospitality, and white water rafting trips on the Tara River; the Canyon of the Tara is the longest in Europe. "The Tara river flows though my veins", says Miki.

Their passion is shared by their international visitors:

"Here in Tara the nature is among the most beautiful possible, the canyon is over 1.300 meter deep, and this is the second canyon in the world, the second deepest canyon after the Colorado Canyon. I mean this might be the main reason why the people come here. For some tourists it is important to feel the wild waters.

There are about 15 rapids in this river, especially on the last part, last 18 or 20 km. …So when you combine this good and exiting arrangement with beautiful nature, this is something great!"

April 2008

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