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Alket Islami
Alket Islami

Alket Islami is an aerial photographer and the president of the National Aero Club of Albania. He works as a paragliding and paramotor instructor. Strapped into the improbably flimsy contraption known as a paramotor, and armed with a camera, Alket Islami is in his element. Through his passion he has developed a new relationship with his country.

"At the beginning I thought, like everyone else, of going away and working somewhere else. Then I became acquainted with paragliding and started introducing the sport in Albania. Flying is a form of virus, an incurable, but somehow pleasant, uplifting sickness. Thanks to this sickness I will use every ounce of strength flying for my country and using my perspective on Albania from above."

Alket Islami literally has a unique perspective on Albania:

"I think we are in a period of transition. Unfortunately it has lasted a little too long. But I think people are on the right course. One has to be patient.

Of course I also see our problems from the ground. Problems like that of environmental protection, the problems with the construction industry and many others. But when I rise high into the air the view from above can comfort me. From above the problems appear smaller and fantastic nature combines with the extraordinary buildings from our past in a wonderful way."

The USAID Mission in Albania has sponsored the publication of a book of Islami's photographs: "Albania from the Air".

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Alket Islami
Alket Islami

May 2008

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