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First stop: Europe's youngest capital

Central Podgorica - Copyright by ESI The new airport - Copyright by ESI
Central Podgorica

Let us begin our journey in the city the "Lonely Planet" calls "Montenegro's most unattractive spot": its capital Podgorica. The description is a bit unfair: in fact, economic growth and investments are transforming the youngest European capital.

A pedestrian area was constructed, and the main square completely redesigned. It was also renamed from "Ivan Milutinovic square", a communist partisan, to "Republic's square" last year. The new "Millenium bridge" over the Moraca river has been opened in 2005. A new airport followed in May 2006. Numerous modern apartment buildings have sprung up, transforming the city's socialist suburbs.

Podgorica is the undisputed administrative and trading centre of the country. The city has grown from 118,000 inhabitants in 1991 to 136,000 in 2003. It hosts the headquarters of most companies, banks, and insurance companies. The parliament and almost all governmental institutions are located here.

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